Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Really? Really?

This has blown me away...and left the nastiest taste in my mouth.

"In 99 percent of the cases, it’s a brat who hasn't been told to cut the act out...You’ll get nowhere in life. Stop acting like a putz. Act like a man."

Some of you may know that Hunter has an autism spectrum disorder.

Hunter is one of the best kids ever, and yes he has his problems. He has a temper, he fights with his sisters, he doesn't listen and he can't read expressions to save my life. You can tell him to put his homework in his bag 10 times...and he won't/can't do it. People can say that is a pre-teen issue...what about since he was 5.

But, he also is the most loving, giving and sweet kids I have ever known. He loves to be with Boo and his dad (and sometimes me). He loves playing sports and going camping. He is such a wonderful person, and this with his spectrum disorder.

We have been working with a great group of people to better Hunter, both emotionally and mentally. He has turned into such a wonderful pre-teen because of all of our hard work. I couldn't be prouder of him.

We spent a great deal of time with this group of people talking about and with Hunter. They didn't believe he has this spectrum disorder at first, until they had seen him multiple times. They saw things that we didn't/couldn't see. Now, we work with this in mind, and watch him grow. I have raved about him here, here and over here.

Now, none of you know Hunter, and some of you may not agree with me or you may not agree with Michael Savage. But there are many children out there that have autism, some that are non-speaking and non-active. Some children are active, but have approaches to social behavior that causes them to stand out in many way.

There are many parents out there that deal with this on their own, without the help of doctors. Many parents that don't have a release, a break or a friend that understands.

I have a friend whose son is autistic, and she has no one but her friends to lean on. She is one on one with her son, except for the 4 hours before he went to his autism focused school. Now, he is going into second grade, and still meets with his aides everyday, and they are in class with him all day every day. He needs the help. His mother and doctors and not "fraud artists" looking for funding.

There are many people out there getting the awareness of autism out there. I have read many books, including Jenny McCarthy's, looking for others that have felt the frustration, happiness and joy that I have felt. Someone who would understand and no one else seems to.

There are people out raising money for Autism research, holding benefits, poker tournaments and speaking before congress.

Something needs to be done about this guy. I only hope that this is a wake up call for the station that airs his show.

Hunter is one lucky kid, he has not two, but 4 parents that care and fight for him day in and day out. We go the distance that other's can't. He has 4 sisters that love him and care about what happens with him. And, he has (count'em) 10 grandparents that love and want the best for him. He has so many people that work with and for him. I can only hope other children are as blessed in their own families and friends.

I need to get off the subject before my head explodes. Thanks for listening to my rant!!!


anymommy said...

I don't know very much about autism, but I know a lot about horrid, hateful people judging and spouting off on subjects that they don't understand. I'm sorry. Keep setting the record straight! I think your son sounds incredible.

K-Mom said...

WHAT?!?? Someone really said that? You know, saying irresponsible, uninformed things like that do not help the discussion.

My sister-in-law is a pediatric OT and they have certain protocol they have to follow and certain characteristics that have to be sited before a definitive diagnosis of autism is ever made...and it's all done by a team of professionals who know what they're doing!

It's not something done willy nilly and if dude had done his research before he went spouting off, he would have known that!

Jody said...

Michael Savage is one of those guys that you love or hate. He's not on my "must listen to" list as he is quite arrogant and comes off as hateful.

That said I do think that many kids are given drugs before there is a true problem with them becuase thy are acting like children. Well, they are children! Maybe if we didn't expect them to act like small adults there wouldn't be so many problems.

Now, I know Hunter has been through a battery of tests and stuff, so I'm not saying this in his case, so please don't get angry with me. Unfortunately our country has a "pop a pill and it will be better" problem that seems to be extending to our kids.

Anonymous said...

I hated what Michael savage said, and my son does not have autism. People like that make me sick because they will never get it.
BTW, I saw about the American girl store at MOA a couple of post ago. I'd rather drive 8 hours to MOA than go back to Chicago. Ugh.

Kellan said...

Some people are just STUPID and need a good kick in the butt!!

See you soon - Kellan

Kara said...

It's frustrating. I worked one on one with an autistic boy who was in 2nd grade while working on my graduate degree in education. I was with him every school day, every minute of the day. His mother had fought many fights just to get him the rights he had. So when people say things negative, it hurts everyone, because it puts that seed of doubt into those who aren't well versed in the diversity of autistic children. But I will say that you and your family are his biggest defense againest these comments. Hang in there!!

Melody said...

My older son has Asperger's Syndrome. He was diagnosed about 11.5 years ago.

He is a great kid. I guess one thing that is nice is that he is pretty oblivious to people. If someone was making fun of him I don't know that he would realize it but of course it would hurt me if I saw it.

Our school system has just been awesome. He had an aide when he was younger and she was phased out by Junior High.

He has been in wrestling which originally scared me to death but his team has been great. Last year they even did a fundraiser for Autism.

There will always be those people who say terrible things but I don't care because they are the ones that miss out not me.

groovyteach said...

As you know, my daughter is "on the spectrum" as well. It IS very frustrating. I can relate to your friend, too, as being in a super small town, I don't have friends and my colleagues don't "get it." Savage is an a** and sadly, there are many others out there like him.

In my opinion, with the HUGE rise in austism...I think we're going to find that there are many "different" autisms and right now we call them all the same thing and I bet in 20 years we have 20 different names for things. My daughter has a hard time socially and verbally, but we're getting there!