Thursday, July 24, 2008

Only 40 days or so!!!

Tonight Hubby is taking me out for a wonderful dinner (yum...crab legs). I can't wait!!

The next couple weeks are going to be getting ready for school time. Last year it was not fun getting Boo ready for the earlier rising time (I still don't think that was my child!!). So this year we are starting out slow, and making our way to the earlier time. It isn't a ton earlier than now, only about 30 minutes, but that huge for a 6 year old!

We also have to start shopping for school supplies, and a few pieces of school clothes. Boo's supply list isn't to bad, but man does that child need jeans. She grew out of all but two pair this summer. And those two won't last much longer.

This is where thrift stores come into play. I would love it if I could buy the kids clothes from the name brand stores, because I love Old Navy and The Children's Place. But let's be ain't going to happen!

So, I will spend the next three weekends making my rounds of the 6 or so thrift stores I go too. Unfortunately, I have to bring Boo with me, because she is at the size where some things fit, and others don't. It is a game almost. I do not like that part. I used to be able to run into a store, grab what I need and know that it would fit. No longer I am afraid.

We are on the hunt for jeans, track suits and sweaters. Hunter needs jeans too, since he skipped a size so none of the clothes he got for Christmas fit anymore.

Both kids need shoes, but thankfully last spring I found Walmart tennis shoes on clearance. I got Boo two pair, and she is now growing out of one of them. So, the other pair will come out right before school starts. Who wants shoes that are bright white when school starts. I never did as a kid.

What do you buy for your kids for school clothes? Do you spend a lot before the year starts or wait to see what they need a little later?


Kellan said...

I am a bargin shopper too - always have been and especially after I had twins. I love to find great deals at resale stores and discount stores. I usually don't buy much in the way of back to school clothes, except shoes and stuff for the older girls. I try to make the clothes the kids are already wearing last into the fall and then go shopping - I just hate the school rush, you know.

Have a good Friday - Kellan

Anonymous said...

I was so excited last year, I bought all of Cub's clothes during Old Navy's extra 50% off sale for school and found out after she was wearing a uniform!

We've done all the uniform shopping so far online, it went really cheap on clearance at Her school also has a used clothing sale fundraiser in August, so I can buy the school emblem sweater and plaid jumpers for a lot cheaper there. Thankfully Cub grows super slow, so I'm pretty good still about guessing her size.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I don't have to worry yet about buying school clothes, but I am ALL about bargain shopping. You can find some cute things at thrift stores, so I never mind looking there.

So how was your crab legs dinner? YUM!

K-Mom said...

Miss Priss isn't ready for school yet, but down here in Alabama, consignment sales are a mom's best friend!

You can get all the name brands, in the best condition for like half the price. It makes perfect sense because they wear them for such a short period of time...why pay so much?

I love anything from Gymboree because it launders so well.

Melody said...

Generally I buy their school supplies, a new pair of shoes, and one outfit. They usually get clothes all year long, plus C gets tons of hand me downs.

This year the school supplies haven't been too bad. I got a backpack on clearance last year just in case C's gave out. It never did so he has a new backpack for school this year. My older son has a Jansport and they have a lifetime guarantee.

The only things I have left to buy are shoes for the boys, a binder for R, and another pair of athletic shorts for R to wear for gym class. So we are sitting pretty good right now.

Of course, after school starts I am going to have to get a ton of stuff for sports but that can wait.