Monday, July 21, 2008

First Tooth

There is one sensitive subject that Boo doesn't like to talk about, but when it does come up...there are sometimes tears involved.

In Boo's kindergarten class, they asked everyone the same questions every day.

Did anyone lost any teeth the night before. Did anyone have any wiggly teeth?

Boo would never raise her hand. There were a couple that were in the same boat as her at the end of the school year, now there are only two. Boo and one of her friends.

Boo's cousin has lost four teeth, three had to be pulled, but one came out on it's own. She already has all four permanents coming in. She is one month younger than Boo.

Hunter is loosing them left and right, and she gets mad when he looses them here. She wants to loose a tooth, and patience is not something she has.

We have read books. We have talked to the grandma's, aunts and teachers. The dentist tells her time and again that it is normal, but she doesn't care. She wants to loose a tooth already.

What else can I tell her? What can I say that makes it easier for her?


Beachy Mimi said...

When I taught school, it seemed like most kids lost teeth toward the end of first grade. A few even later. I have heard that the later you lose your baby teeth the better your permanent teeth will be. That probably won't help her feelings right now. Patience is hard at any age.

K-Mom said...

Poor Boo...I wish I knew what you could say to make her feel better. I can empathize, though...being a kid can be tough sometimes!

pjmomof3boys said...

You tell Boo that I also have one impatient little soon-to-be first grader who also has not lost one tooth! He keeps wiggling them every day saying, "See, Mom, I think this one's coming out soon!" I don't have the heart to tell him that it's probably going to be months! This weekend his grandma gave him a "Tooth Pirate" pillow (instead of the Tooth Fairy) so now he's even more eager to lose one! He will be 7 in January, and I'm not sure he will have lost a tooth by then even! So we definitely know how she feels! :) Hang in there, Boo!

groovyteach said...

aaahhh. poor boo! when it happens, mom, the tooth fairy won't even have to do too much because she'll be so excited over the tooth itself!

Marinka said...

My son didn't lose his first tooth until the middle of first grade, so I can relate. Are there any wigglers in there, yet? Good luck!