Thursday, March 04, 2010

So...Funny Story...

I have the FUNNIEST story ever...


A few weeks ago...sure you are ready?

Hunter asked for a cell phone.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *Snort* Woooooo! hahahahahahaha



Still really stinking funny.

Now my stomach hurts.

Hubby and I are one-cell-phone house. That's right...we have one cell phone for both of us, and it is $19 flip phones that does NOTHING. Hubby is even resistant to that one, and I don't use it as much as friends of ours do. We rely on the land line, that is our communication tool 99.9% of the time! We use about 200 minutes a month and send less than 100 both of us, and that is mostly me texting.

We, meaning Hunter's Mom and us, have agreed that until Hunter has a job there is no need for him to have a cell phone. I have seen WAY too many kids with cell phones in school using them during tests, texting their parents (a co-workers kids do this ALL THE TIME, drives her nuts) and even losing their phones for using them during class times.

Our other reason is that Hunter is not in activities at this point. He is home, or at our home. When he is at bowling we are too since Boo is so much younger than he is. When he is out and about it is with an adult so we don't worry. It is just the way his life is right now. Same with Boo.

I have heard many thoughts on young teens/tweens getting cell phones, and they just don't sway us. We all agree that Hunter is too young and does not have the need for one. If at some point before he turns 16 things change, we will revisit.

I grew up in the time when NO ONE had a cell phone. I remember when my Dad got one for work, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. This was before the "Zach Morris Phone" but when they only came in a bag that HAD to be plugged in for it to work. It was awesome.

Then of course he got the "Zach Morris Phone" and that was the coolest thing ever.

But we were never allowed to get one, we never even had pagers (unless we snuck one in...but I NEVER did that...of course not...I was the perfect child...or something). My parents believed that if we wanted to talk to someone, call them. You don't need a cell phone or pager to do that (do they even MAKE pagers anymore?).

I know that technology is a great thing, I do. Look at all I can do because of technology. Look at how so many jobs and evolved because of the new technology that comes out everyday. But does that mean we must follow suit with each thing?

I told someone last week that technology was a perk, but not really an expected thing. If I go to see a doctor it is because they are the doctor that I want to see, if they can pull up my full medical history with a few keystrokes, great. If not, they are still a great doctor that I want to see.

Many people put so much stock into cell phones. Lawmakers are seeing the problems that cell phones can pose to drivers. There are bans being put into place left and right saying that Teens are NOT allowed to use their cell phone AT ALL while driving. Best ban ever. I had my first accident 2 weeks after I got my license, I can only imagine what is going on with teen drivers NOW.

Can I say right now that in 5 years when Boo is 13 it will be the same? No, you never know what will happen in life to change the circumstances, but for right now our kids need to focus on being kids. They need to learn the responsibility of being a child, young teen and teen before they can venture into that realm of it all.

You should see my reaction to kids having their own computers! That one is a hoot too!

What do you think? Do your kids have cell phones? What is your families age requirement?


darcie said...

well, you already know my thoughts on this for my own family - I'll be putting one in my kids' backpacks before I send them on the bus to kindergarten - call it a tracking device if you will! that's what the hubs calls his! anyway - I am sure I will be getting the kids phones at a very early age - but not one that they get to wander the internet and text everyone they've ever met with - just one that they can text or call me or Daddy only, and maybe on special occassions - grandma! but yeah, times are different now than when I was young - my kids will have phones for my own security/mental health as much as for theirs...
good for you for not wavering and for knowing where you stand and holding that ground!

simplicity said...

T (who is 2 years younger than your Hunter) has been asking us for over a year now. We are with you, not necessary right now. We have on occasion allowed him to take mine with him when he is somewhere without us that it's needed but I am with you on it. It's hard though because I can see both sides and I don't know how as time goes on how much we will change and bend on this...

Terra said...

I stand in the middle where you have to do what works for your family. My 9 year old has a phone, with a very basic plan. It spends most of its time on the kitchen counter however when she has 6 hour dance rehearsals it goes with her and I feel better knowing she can get to me without having to rely on another adult. One of the advantages to early technology is that it can be a good teaching tool, when kids are still listening to their parents they stick to limits better etc. is not right for everyone.

melissa said...

my oldest is only 7, so were not there yet. she DID ask for an ipod, though. SNORT! as if!!!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I'm with you! My 9 year-old has been asking for a while...

A few months ago, his 10 year old friend left his cell phone here and called our house phone NONSTOP for 30 minutes (we were outside and not answering the phone) to ask if we could bring it to him.


I have some huge issues with kids and cell phones, unless there is a solid, serious reason.. like... they're waiting for a kidney.