Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What I Learned This Week

I am fighting a cold, and I think I just might be losing this battle. Ugh! This week was jam packed to the hilt! We had so much going on, and it will now only get worse.

- Sleeping in the hospital is not fun, it is even worse sleeping right next to the PICU. Whoever planned that made a HUGE mistake. Not good sleep for me!

- Hubby's hours are changing at work, sleeping in the same bed 7 days a week after almost 4 years of not is going to be interesting.

- Finding out that your "home away from home" of your youth is closing is heartbreaking. Finding out that a HUGE PARTY is in the works helps a bit...just a little.

- I signed my LIFE away to our Fastpitch association on Thursday…let it begin.

- Ball players have to wear masks on the front of their helmets now…that's dumb. I get the safety of it but duck faster! I only broke my nose once…

- Catchers need to learn to catch the correct way, not with what I like to call "wussy pads" on the back of their knees.

- I am not a fan of all the changes in softbal, but one thing hasn't changed. I saw a shirt that I had as a kid on a teen "Friends don't let friends play slowpitch". Made my day.

- Yes, if Boo likes to play ball I will be one of THOSE moms. Just like MY mom. I can't wait.

- On Friday I met with two different principals from two different schools. I am now more confused about what to do with Boo. It will work out, but man it stinks.

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*I will write about Boo's sleep study this week, after we have our next appointment. Thanks for all your fabulous support!*


Kim said...

First off, on the cold thing, get yourself to the nearest Super Target and buy a Naked Power C juice from the produce section. Then down it. The whole bottle. 500% of your daily value of Vitamin C and it always stops a cold in its tracks for me.

Second, I so admire all of the hard work you are doing for your daughter. From the sleep study to the softball to the school stuff, you are on her side hardcore. That is awesome. So many parents forget to advocate for their kids, figuring the "experts" know best. Go you.

April said...

I hope you feel better soon! Vitamin D has kept me cold-free all winter...never happened before!! I take 5000IU/ day. :) Zinc is super helpful when you feel something coming on.

You are a great mom!

JanMary said...

Keep well (or at least better!) and best wishes with the school decisions.

Jennifer said...

You have so much going on--go you! Hope you stay well and everything works out. Especially with your husband's new hours. That would be tough for me!

happygal said...

What a month. You have so much going on, try to make some you time. Sending virtual hugs and well wishes!