Thursday, March 04, 2010

School Update

We have some news on the Boo-School front.

First off, her principal is retiring and I just might hog-tie him to his desk so he can't leave.

Just saying.

Love that man.


We are keeping her at her current school for the time being, at least two more years we think. She goes to a school that has a focus on Math, Science etc. It is a great school, and the teachers are learning right along with the kids as this is the first year that they are going this direction. We love that school.

I met with a principal of another school Friday morning, and her principal and teacher that afternoon. I let her principal know that we were looking at this other school and he asked what we were looking for when it came to changing, and we agreed to give Boo the chance to find out if the Sciences and Math is what she excels in and go from there. So at least two more years there and then we will reevaluate.

On the front of her being bored...her teacher has done a great deal of digging to find out what Boo likes, what she is REALLY good at and what resources she can bring to the room for Boo and another student. I was shocked to learn that her math scores were higher compared to others then her reading score.

She gets that from her and numbers do NOT get along.

She has mandated testing next week, so we will look at her scores during conferences the weeks following and figure out a more firm plan. Her teacher agreed that Boo needs more, so we have her on board which I was nervous about.

We are moving forward, and we have a team that listens and agrees that something needs to be done to ensure that Boo gets the most out of everything.

A step in the right direction I think.


Terra said...

it has to be so nice to have a team willing to take the time to notice and put a plan in place!!!

happygal said...

Having a team of people all on the same page (or at least close) is so key. Good for you for being such a great mom and advocate!