Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Room Switch Part 2

I haven't painted since I was 16, for my self at least. I helped my Dad a couple times, but not in 14 years for myself.

This past week, while the kids were gone we got started on Hunter's room. If you remember, the kids are switching rooms. We didn't think Hunter would appreciate the purple and dragonflies like Boo did.

So, I picked out some "approved" paint samples and he debated for two days.

TWO DAYS. It's paint man, you can change it in two years if you want too. Man alive.

Finally we came to an agreement. Black was not, I repeat NOT an option.

So he settled for tan with blue and green stripes. I curse Big Sis for suggesting stripes by the way.

With my back being goofy, I couldn't do most of the taping, but Big Sis took care of that for us. She spent a lot of time getting the top lines straight, and the bottom line too. She was a ROCK STAR!!

So, here are pictures. It took three days, two coats for the green and blue and three rolls of tape to get the windows, doors, baseboards and stripes done right. We even reused some tape so we didn't have to start another roll (look at us saving money! woohoo!).

The tan is called "Camel", and has lot of gold in it. It looks really bright during the day. That is a major bonus since the room is smaller. Having the tan break at the top and between the blue and green made a difference too. I worried it would pull down the ceiling, make the room even smaller. Having that tan stripe makes all the difference.

Hunter is moved into his room, and he loves it. His space, his way. He loves his big window, the closer space and his own colors. I have to say it turned out pretty cool.

Boo's room is next, once I peel some wall paper...not the best time ever.


girlymama said...

looks great!

for wallpaper, i got this stuff called DIF and it worked GREAT! annoying still, but not as bad as it could have been!

nikki said...

Love the stripes! Great idea - we just moved into a new home and the boys' rooms are currently white. Maybe I'll suggest stripes instead of FLAMES as my older boy wants. I think I could live with that!

Becca from Our Crazy Boys said...

I love the stripes! I bet it was a lot of work, but they look awesome!!

Marketing Mama said...

The camel is nice, but those stripes are kickin! Love it!

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

OH I love it!!! Good job! :) I'm inspired now that I see a real mom can do it! :)