Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Room Switch

Last week I asked a question on Twitter, and got a couple great responses from Fried Okra and The Mommy Esquire.

Boo has the smallest room EVER. I asked for ideas to make it more livable, and storage friendly. I was told: shelves with drawers, under bed boxes, purge stuff (already did that, but man why do girls have so MUCH STUFF) and either a Captains Bed or a Loft Bed.

Well, we got Hunter a Captains Bed, and we just got rid of our Loft Bed. We didn't want to get rid of Boo's bed, she just got it and loves the posts that she can hang her array of baseball caps on. Boo made me nervous on the Loft Bed, she falls off a regular bed.

So we made an executive decision on Sunday. The kids are switching rooms.

The only reason they are in the rooms they are currently in is because of how they are painted. We didn't want to paint every room in the house (except ours and the living room) and we knew that we couldn't paint until we closed. We wanted simplicity...but now it is just a MAJOR pain the butt.

Our reasons for switching are easy ones.

- Girls have WAY MORE STUFF. It's true. If you only have girls you may not know any different. But if you have one of each, you understand my pain. If you have all boys, I don't even want to hear about it (except if you have three boys like some Iowa bloggers I know you may feel my pain.).

- Hunter will be moving to a new room next year, so why should I wait.

- Hunter has the Captains Bed, he has TONS of storage already, it will be a smooth transition.

- Did I mention that girls have a TON OF STUFF!

So, next week while they are gone I will be working hard to get at least Hunter's new room done. Boo can live with the Wild colors, the girl loves hockey. Hunter, not so much with the dragon flies and purple. He is not a fan.

Here are the before pictures:

Boo's "old" room (it is purple, with dragon fly wallpaper.)

Hunter's old room:

Wish me LUCK!!


Such The Spot said...

Having blank canvases like those will hopefully make the transitions a bit easier. I love the captain's bed suggestions btw. We just invested in one of those ourselves for our own "big boy."

Megan (mommyesquire) said...

I only have a girl so I guess I'll learn how much stuff girls have... Happy Painting!