Saturday, August 08, 2009


Today has been a rough day for our family.

I have talked about Fred before, he is the Master of the House, King of all Cats, The Supreme Crotchety Old Man.

Phantom Freddy loved walking in the grass, on his little harness. He would roll in the dirt until we didn't know what color he was anymore. He would sit at the window and growl at all the cats that would walk across the yard. He would wrestle with the other cats, and even our dog. He was a lover, a snuggler and a darn fabulous cat.

My Dad used to sit and have fabulous conversations with Fred, with Fred sitting on the edge of the table on the newspaper. The minute any of us would walk into the kitchen in the morning he would bat Fred away. The next day, it was the same.

Fred would sit in the windows, even during a storm to watch the street and what was going on. He loved the windows. I remember one night I kept my window open, not knowing a storm was coming. I woke to a HUGE clap of thunder, and found Fred on my face. He had been so startled he had fallen out of the window.

As Fred got on in years, he lost some weight, but he never lost that kitten glow in his eyes. Whenever Big Sis would open that tub of Cool Whip, he would circle her feet, howl in anticipation and his eyes would be bright and full of energy.

My kids LOVE Fred. He was the first thing they would hunt for when they walked into Big Sis' house. The first Christmas that I had Hubby and Hunter in my life, Hunter fell in love with Fred. He named his stuffed cat Fred, and he still has him 9 years later. He spent Christmas on the couch with Fred in his lap, it is still one of my favorite pictures of the two of them.

The only time Boo would sit still at Big Sis' house was the pet and snuggle with Fred. He didn't have the energy to run and hide, but Boo was so gentle, that I don't think he really minded it.

Today, my Sister had to lay to rest her Best Kitty Friend. The one that she longed for when at college, the one that she held and cried when things got rough. We will all miss Fred. He was such a major part of our lives, a staple in our family.

I say this with tears in my eyes, but things just won't be the same without Fred around. He is the end of an era, the young kittens we all had as children. He is the last to go.

I say one last time...Fred-Dog...Fred-Dog...arwoughwough (dog noises).

We love you so much Fred.


AmyG said...

Awww!! I'm so sorry for your loss! He's a beautiful kitty!

BigSis said...

Thanks honey, that means so much!