Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh Boo...

My Boo...she is a rough and tumble, fall and bounce right back, no fear, jump from her swing at the highest point kinda girl.

She always has been.

It isn't that she is clumsy.

She is active, outside all the time, finding new games to play with her brother and finding new ways to give her mom a heart attack. She loves to do tricks on her bike, standing on the pegs while rolling down the street. She likes to (try to) do tricks on the skateboard, and throw a basketball as she rolls by the hoop.

She LOVES to climb. Both her and Hunter are my Monkeys, can climb anything, even street signs (and no I am not kidding). She will climb a tree, a swing set, even scale the couch. And then jump of course...

She has no fear.

Nothing holds her down.

Not even this.

Wednesday night Boo was riding down the street, and hit the curb. Our road the curbs are not level yet, so she clipped it just right and down she went. I watched it happen, Hunter watched is happen. It didn't look pretty.

No blood, a new bruise (or three) and her thumb was BRIGHT red. All the way down to her wrist.

Not good.

We iced it down, and waited. I didn't know if the redness was just because she whacked it hard, or something else. She kept the ice on for about 20 minutes, and I looked. It wasn't pretty.

It was swollen, and starting to turn purple.

Not a good sign.

We ate dinner, and she kept icing it. I think at that point I already knew, we were heading in. How did I know? Experience...with myself. We will leave it at that.

We headed out, after Ma got there to hang with Hunter. Since it was minor, I sent Hubby on his way to work. I tweeted the time in the much fun.

To bad I can't spell...

We spent a mere two hours in the ER on Wednesday, the shortest time ever in our family. We were roomed right away, had x-ray within 30 minutes and were ready to go. She got ice, juice, Motrin and some lovely Animal Planet time.

She has a fracture of the thumb.

While they don't normally cast fingers, the thumb is a different story. You need your thumb for everything...everything. Boo struggles now with buttoning her pants, opening stuff and even brushing her teeth.

Good thing she isn't left handed.

BUT, the cool thing...her cast is waterproof. She can swim, take showers and be a normal kid even with her cast. She has already figured out how to play basket ball, swing and do pretty much everything with her cast. She hasn't ridden her bike yet, because of rain and mass chaos.

Having a cast the end of summer stinks.

But, having one the first week of school "I will be the coolest 2nd grader EVER".

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Shannon ( said...

I felt like I just read about my summer last year! Kiki went into her second grade year with a cast as well. I'm so glad Boo is taking it like a champ! What a trooper!!