Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Little bit of this and that

My Kidlets have called, they are alive and having the BEST TIME EVER (Boo told me I had to write that HUGE). They have seen prairie dogs, baby prairie dogs, lions, tigers and bears (oh my). They have been to the Corn Palace, Wal-Drug and Mount Rushmore.

But they miss us.

Both make me happy.

I am all kinds of random today, so here we go...

-I am about half way through painting Hunter's room. Ma and Big Sis were over on Monday helping me tape and paint. Taping takes FOREVER, but the painting took maybe 20 minutes. Tonight Ma, Lia and I are taping more and painting the next color. Hunter wants he gets stripes.

-Boo has picked her paint colors too. Her room will take FOREVER a little longer because it is that dark green. But, she has some cool ideas and is going in a direction that I NEVER would have thought from her. It will be wondeful when it is all done.

-I am sad that Brooks & Dunn are retiring.

They are wonderful.

-I haven't started getting Boo's school supplies, but did find out what was needed to excuse her from gym the first week of school. Priorities I guess.

-We only have two and half weeks of Hunter left.

I can't talk about it.

-Lia is getting married. Finally. In 9 months.

I get to be in the wedding!!!

Now, time to paint some more...


girlymama said...

i LOVE painting!!! i've never done stripes -- but i want to try. be sure to post pictures!!!

Julie From Inmates said...

I didn't like the news about Brooks and Dunn either. =(

I can't wait to see your finished product. I don't know enough about painting. I wish I did!