Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We got this notice from our leasing office tonight:

"Thursday January 14th there was a major city water line break on County Road #&&. This was no fault of our property, but rather strictly a city issue.

As a result of this occurrence you may notice that your water will be brown in color. We would strongly discourage drinking, bathing or washing clothes with this water until it has flushed it way through. We will suggest running Cold Water for a few minutes to see if this will help. " not only are there bright lights from the construction crew fixing this water line, but I can't take a shower. At least not until tomorrow if they are done working. Great...lovely...fabulous.

Another joy to our -17 day! Tonight is going to be "the coldest in 5 years" hitting -25 without wind chill. With wind chill it will feel like -40. Hunter's school has already called for a two hour delay, but not Boo's. If the buses will run she will be going on time. But, either Hubby or our fabulous neighbor's will be driving the kids to school. Way to cold to wait for the bus outside.

Man I love Minnesota!


Chris said...

Holy Frozen Snotcicles!! And I thought our -15 windchill right now was bad!

At least it's not 120 with 100% humidity and you can't take a shower.

Melody said...

Man...our schools are cancelled. I am thinking I need to move to Minnesota.

Shannon ( said...

Wow! I don't even have any words of encouragement for you!! That stinks! I saw on the news last night that the cold front is coming our way. I'm trying to find my happy place!!

K-Mom said...

Blech...brown water and -17 degree weather. How much can one woman take?!?

I hope your water gets fixed and nice warm front comes your way!