Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Almost birthday time

The first major hurdle of the birthday season have been cleared! And that is no easy hurdle either.

Each year I make the the kids birthday cakes. I take an afternoon and have a great time doing it. Last year it was a surprise, the kids didn't see their cakes until the party. They thought that was great.

One year we had a butterfly cake for Boo and a Basketball cake for Hunter. The next year I tried (unsuccessfully) to make a castle cake for Boo, and Hunter had another basketball (he liked it then). This past year, Lego's for Boo and a football field for Hunter.

We have figured out what the kids are having this year. Hunter will be having a skateboard cake, and Boo will be having a Bug Mountain cake.

Hunter loves to skateboard, loves all the "extreme sports". This is perfect for him.

Boo loves bugs, LOVES BUGS. She is always hunting grasshoppers and lady bugs. This will be perfect for her.

I can't wait for the kids to see their cakes. It is always hard to wait to show them the cakes, and see their reactions. Only a month and then the surprise will be over!!


Chris said...

I love the Lego & football field cakes. Very creative! Almost makes me wish we had a birthday coming up. I'm definitely gonna steal the Lego cake this year.

My last cake involved crumbly oreos, coconut with green food coloring for the grass and gummy worms.

Melody said...

I made Cars cupcakes for AD and I am thinking about making an Ipod cake for R.

I hope that one turns out. I am a little worried.