Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby it's cold outside

Do you remember being a kid, and walking to the bus stop in weather so cold your nose froze the minute you stepped outside. By the time your feet and hands warmed up it was time to head home and do it all over again.

While there were times my parents would drop us off at school, usually we were left to walk to school or take the bus. We lived 5 blocks from our elementary and high school, so walking was the option there. I remember how cold it was, but how fun it was to have mini snow ball fights on the way.

In middle school we took the bus, and that had it's moments too. Both my parents usually left for work by the time we needed to go to school, so the bus it was. I loved taking the bus, for the most part. It was cold in the morning, but still a good time. I sat with my friends, we laughed the entire way to school.

There were always a couple kids whose parents would drive them to the bus stop when the temperature dropped. The kids would sit in the car until the bus appeared, then run for it. We always laughed at those kids. "It's Minnesota...it cold".

Well...I am now one of those parents.

This morning it is a lovely -16 (-35 wind chill). Brisk I tell you.

This morning I will be driving Boo to the bus stop. I offered to drive her to school, but she wants to ride the bus with her friends.

So this morning, my kid will be the one that runs for the bus when it gets close and I will be happy she isn't freezing her fingers off.


Chris said...

Hubby's a truck driver. He was suppose to take a load from IN to MN today but they called it off for fear of something happening with his truck & him freezing to death. STAY WARM!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

What a good momma!