Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bitter cold fun

It is still really cold, but they are talking 30's on Monday! Having a heat wave...a tropical heat wave... (who knows what MN filmed movie that is in??)

Every year when it gets below freezing, really below like today, Kare11 does it's experiments. They throw water into the air, blow bubbles and turn fruits and vegetables into hammers...or Bammers as they call them.

I love watching this, and love having the kids watch. Even when it is bitterly cold, and we all have cabin fever there are fun (fast) things we can do outside to burn off some energy!


Chris said...

"The temperature’s rising. It isn’t surprising." I mean.. it can't get MUCH colder "can-can" it? *winks*

Katie said...

The only movie I can think that that song was in is "White Christmas" but I don't think that was filmed in MN. Now you're going to have to tell me what movie it was because it will be on my mind!! :)