Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Frames

It has been two years since I have gotten new glasses. Two very long years of dealing with sliding frames, bent frames and pure unhappiness. I could have gotten new ones in April, except for this pesky Retinal Bleed that I had going on. Not a good time at all.

But, now that it is healed as much as it is going to, time for new glasses. I have a lump of money left in my FSA account specifically for this, so that I could get good glasses, and possibly two pair. Through my employer we have a great discount program, with unlimited use.

With this discount I was able to get two pair of glasses for the price of one. Plus, I was able to get better lenses which is always important with kids. I can't tell you the number of scratches I have gotten from Boo trying to help me by getting my glasses for me.

Yesterday I spent my lunch hour looking at glasses, getting it down to three pair that I really liked. I put them on hold, and went back today, with a decision maker. My friend Karen is my fashion guru. She is the one I go to when I have a question, she is always brutally honest with me.

So, we got it down to the two. It wasn't that hard, especially since we pretty much agreed anyway. Both pair are DKNY. I love them! And I got a cool glasses container with each pair, they are little snap boxes. Very fun!

Below are the first pair. There is a great marble detail on the inside. While I am the only one that will really see that, it is still pretty cool. These are mostly Silver with some black on the sides.

These I called my work pair, and the sales guy laughed at me. The ones I would wear that most often. I love the gap between the frame and the lens. These are called burgundy, but look more pink in person. I love them!

I already have the silver pair, the burgundy ones had to be sent out. Lens Crafters will have them done "In about an hour" so I am wearing new glasses now.

How much for both pair...a lot. BUT, I saved over $400 with my discounts!! Plus, I already submitted my FSA claim form, so I will have a check next week to reimburse.

I have never had the opportunity to have more than one pair of glasses...I love having choices!!


Anonymous said...

Omigoosh!!! I love the new glasses! Can't wait to see them on you in person!

K-Mom said...

Getting a new pair of glasses are like getting a sassy new haircut... you feel very stylish and trendy.

I like your color a fellow four-eyes, I love all the new options you can get withe glasses nowadays(feather-weight lenses, scratch proof lenses, etc.). Without them, I would probably still be wearing my original coke bottle lenses.

Melody said...

I think the silver ones are my favorite but I always have to have a darker color because of my complexion so I probably would have bought the burgundry ones.

We have insurance through my hubby's work (that we pay for) and we can each get 1 pair a year. My prescription doesn't change much so this year I got some cute prescription sunglasses.

I can't wait to pick out a new pair next year.

I am glad your retinal bleed had healed. That does not sound like fun.