Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One Song, Glory

11 years ago I changed high schools, and was opened to an entire new experience. Students sang in the lounge areas, dancers were warming up in the hall, and musicians played in the grass. It was a time I wouldn't replace for anything. It is where I met Brooke on the first day of school, and where I found so many people that I will soon see.

It is also where I was first exposed to RENT. This musical is so powerful and so touching. I had never seen it...

Until last night.

All I can say is WOW. I was moved in a way that I hadn't been before. I have seen The Lion King, Phantom (he is with us he is with us he is HERE!) and Les Miserable (let's all sing Castle on a Cloud...)and this was something so different. I cried the entire second half, and didn't try to hide it.

The issues that are touched on it RENT are something that has lost it news worthy status in the past 10 years. No longer are people talking about the AIDS epidemic or the mass amounts of homeless in cities. They have taken a back seat to war and economic hard times around the country. The newest generation doesn't connect with RENT the same way my age does. I can connect with each song in some way, through experience and knowledge.

RENT is going off Broadway in September 7, 2008. From what I understand, this is the last tour. On September 7th, it will be about the 5,000 show on Broadway for RENT, making it one of the longest running shows to date.

I have to talk about the cast. There was one American Idol finalist, and one South African Idol winner in the tour cast.

Heinz Winckler won the first South African Idol. He placed 4th in the World Idol contest as well. He has an album out, and was AMAZING. He played Roger, the musician who falls in love with Mimi. I love the character of Roger, maybe it has to do with the musician bad boy thing he has going on.

Plus, Adam Pascal is one of my favorites (from the original recording and the movie).

The American Idol finalist was a favorite in Season 4. Anwar Robinson was the music teacher that placed 7th that year. I was disappointed when he was sent home, but loved him tonight! He played Tom Collins, who falls in love with Angel. He was able to belt out I'll Cover You and brought tears to my eyes (again).

The entire cast was incredible. While nothing is quite the same as the original cast, this tour cast is one that I was impressed with.


Anonymous said...

CLOSING! I had no idea. I will need to see this before it ends. I'm a huge fan of Broadway shows and have wanted to see this for sooooo long but could never find anyone who would go to it with me - they didn't want to be sad during a show. Thanks for sharing the info!

Kim said...

I saw it when I was in high school, and I cried through the second half as well. I still do, even just watching the movie.

I had to go into my itunes yesterday and listen to some of my soundtrack after reading that you were going.

I love that show. Always have, always will!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

You've never seen RENT?!?! OMGosh its one of my all time FAV musicals. Powerful!! And I can sing every single word to every single song!!

525,600 minutes!

World's Greatest Mommy said...

I've always wanted to see this! i can't believe it's closing.
I need to buy a soundtrack. I love falling in love with the songs before I even see the musicals. I wore out my Phantom CDs.

Thanks for your comments on my posts about my Dad. It was so special to be able to write it, and having others comment made it even better.