Monday, November 19, 2007

The Lion King

How do you describe something that was so amazing words do not do it justice. I will do my best, but remember, it was so much more than I could ever say.

Saturday night my sister and I saw The Lion King. It was the most amazing show I have ever seen. The pictures do not do it justice, by any means.

Let's start with the costumes...oh my. Big Sis and I were sitting in our seats, watching Rafiki do his thing, when we heard gasps (well she here's, still can't hear on that side). She turned, and I got "OMG, Kellyn". I turn and there in an Elephant walking down the aisle. Not a real one, but one that had 5 people side it working it's way down the aisle and up the stairs. Talk about amazing. There was so much more coming down, and they kept coming and coming! Zebras, Gazelles and Leopards. It was amazing.

Scar and Mufasa were amazing. The way that they had to hold their heads to keep the masks stable, and they back pieces they wore showed how hard they worked. Mufasa even sounded like James Earl Jones, and that is a great addition. Scar sounded more like David Bowie from Labyrinth, but he was the greatest bad guy ever! I got a shirt that has his face on it, with the caption "I am surrounded by idiots"

My other favorite part were the Giraffes. They had one person on stilts, both hands and feet. They spend the entire opening number hunched over in a position that can't be comfortable. That kind of endurance is incredible.

Timon, Pumba and Zazu were fabulous! They were so great at their characters, and so in tune with what it needed. Pumba was spot on, and Zazu couldn't have been better. For Timon the actor had cables going from his head to the puppet's head. When ever he moved his head, the puppets moved as well. It worked perfectly.

Even the Hyenas were spectacular. The only one I didn't like was Ed, he wasn't any where near as goofy as in the movie, but was great in the way he was played.
During the "Be Prepared" song, the dancing was incredible. They were jumping so high, and with such grace. It was wonderful to watch.

The story was very similar to the movie, with extras. There were a couple new songs, some new lines, but it followed very closely. There were even more comedic parts that were perfect for the show.

The songs were great. They added the new one from the re-release from the movie "Morning Report" and one for after Simba sees his father in the clouds. They fit in perfectly.

The show was incredible. I had chills throughout the show, and when I think of some of the points, I get them all over again.


Brooke said...

Oh my goodness, Kellyn!!! I saw the Lion King on Broadway a few years ago, and TO THIS DAY it remains the most incredible thing I've ever seen!!! I'm so glad you got that opportunity! What a nice treat from your sister!

I promise the next installment is coming soon. Things have been a little hectic around here, but I've carved out some time tonight to write, write, write!!


La Chanson de Phoenix said...

That sounds very interesting!!