Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Could she be more dramatic?

Boo has turned into quite a perfectionist over the past few weeks. If she doesn't get a move at dance, she pouts. Misses pins at bowling, pouts (and this happens a lot since it is her first year and she tries to rocket launch the ball down the lane.) When she can't sound out a word for a fun homework project, FREAKS OUT!!

Me: What letter makes a "lllllll" sound? (imagine the rolling of the tongue on this one)

Boo: Y?

Me: Try again, "lllllllll"

Boo: M?

Me: One more time, then I will give you a hint "llllllll"

Boo: I don't know...(water works begin)

Me: Honey it is okay, want a hint?

Boo: No, I just messed it all up (more tears)

Me: Honey everyone who is learning messes up, Mommy messes up too, all the time.

Boo: (and here is the kicker) But not 867 times!!! (tears, sniffles and hiccups ensue)

Where did she get that number?

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Brooke said...

Awwww....Boo!!! I always hated it when my students cried out of frustration. Could NOT handle it!

Kids are endlessly fascinating, aren't they??? 867 times--that is an interesting number to pull out of thin air!!

Many kisses to Boo :)