Thursday, June 19, 2008

Boo is coming home!!!

Boo comes home today from Grandpa and Vick's. I resisted calling her this week, but did talk to her last night. She got to ride a horse...a few times. There are stables where Vick's horse is kept, and Boo got to ride Cinders. She is in love! I am in trouble.

Tonight is also the last night of baseball. I am a little sad about it. Boo has had such a great time playing, and being able to see her friends from school. She has improved so much, and had a good time while doing it (That is the most important part I think!!).

Boo has camp the second week in July, so we will be getting ready for that. Spending the nights with Grandpa and Vick (and the horse if she has her way!!) and the days at creative camp. The drama queen will be so happy!!

Next up, relaxing for summer! Boo spends three days a week with her two favorite boys, besides her brother and Dad. She loves playing with them, and being able to hang out for three days is her idea of heaven! Plus, MJ is there, and who doesn't love a little baby!


Jody said...

And I thought my girle were excited to spend the weekend with grandma! If there was a horse involved I wouldn never get them home! How fun!

Kara said...

How fun! It's amazing how busy the summer's always are and how they fly by:)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun lineup for the summer. Why can't adults have the summer's off!

PS: I tagged you for a meme over at my blog - I hope you don't mind.

Kellan said...

I think it sounds like you all have a great summer going and planned. We are having fun too!

Thanks so much for coming by today - so nice to see you. Have a good weekend and I hope to see you again soon - Kellan

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Oh what a sweetie pie. I'm so glad that she had so much fun.