Monday, March 22, 2010

A Little Bit of History

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Hubby spent the weekend in Iowa helping to clean out his grandma's house. She has made the choice to live in a Senior Apartment, and has been there since her surgery last winter. They have a coffee shop and play Wii every night. She likes it there, and many of her friends have moved there in the past months, so she has her friends still close. She is a social butterfly, has someone there 24 hours a day but is still very independent.

Her house has sat empty since December and once she made the decision to stay at the Apartment the decision was made to clean out the house and sell it. The brothers (Hubby's Dad and his brothers) all took the weekend and sorted, told stories and divided things up. Hubby took the trip down because there were things that he hoped he could bring home, things that meant a lot to him.

He helped clean the rooms that were dusty with lack of use, helped scrub the cabinets that hadn't been touched in months and relived part of his life in the many MANY pictures that Grandma had held onto.

He did bring home some things, things that meant a lot to him and things he thought we would all enjoy. I wanted to share some of it with you, since it is our own little piece of the family history.

This is a bible that came over from Germany in the early 1900's, the date written inside is 1899, given to a child at their birth from the little German I remember.

Even the scriptures are written in German, those I can't translate. It is simply gorgeous.

These are Hubby's Grandpa's medals. He was in the Navy, serving about the time of WWII

This is the ship that Grandpa served on for many years, one of a couple. The piece of paper in the corner is his Navy ID.

This is something that Hubby's Mom made 30 years ago, a picture of the farm that Grandma and Grandpa then owned.

These are old cookbooks, you know the kind, church and community cookbooks. I have called these the "Use 4 sticks of butter for everything" cookbooks. There are some FANTASTIC recipes in here and I can't wait to dive into them.

These are canning books, giving direction to can pretty much anything. There is also a grilling book, and Grandma's recipe for the BEST Pumpkin Pie. On the bottom of the recipe she even has where she took the pie many years ago.

Hubby brought me this. It is a Hamilton Beach stand mixer. It can also be taken apart to be a hand mixer. This mixer dates pre-1960 and still works like a dream. Big Sis said it will probably last forever.

It even has a timer!!

This...this just plain creeps me out, but it isn't staying at my house (thank GOODNESS!). It is a Santa bird feeder...and the EYES! Oh My Look At The Eyes!! Just creepy! Hubby's parents will be getting this bad boy at their house SOON.

Hubby was glad he went, so am I. I didn't know how he would handle it, but he said it was easier than he thought. There are a lot of memories tied into Grandma's house. We still have her, so more memories can be made at her apartment too.

Seriously, I have to stop looking at the Santa...


Jen @ Little Bit This n That said...

Love this post! So many great treasures. My grandmother gave me an old Sunbeam mixer when I had my first real apartment. It worked ok, but then started getting really hot and smoking when I used it! I had to part with it, but it had lived a long and productive life.

casquettes ed hardy said...

You bookmarks also get indexed right away in yahoo!