Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What I Learned This Week - Clothes DO Fit My Kids...Who Knew!

This week was...different. We were computer-less for almost the entire week, and that was a learning experience in itself. E-mails piled up, posts didn't get written or read. It was interesting. Hubby asked me what I ever did before we had a computer...read. But I still do that, so that's not new at all.

But, that is not the big lesson.

Clothes DO fit my kids, who knew!

For Christmas Big Sis found the wonderful store, PS Aeropostale. It was new at the Mall, and I hadn't been there (I hide from the mall really), hadn't even heard of it before then. But she loved the store and they had some freaking good prices, even without the Pre-Christmas sales.

I was not convinced yet. With my skinny-rail-thin children it is not easy to find clothes that actually fit. There are really only two stores that fit Boo, and one that fits Hunter.

Christmas came, they got their clothes and Boo fell in LOVE with her thermal t-shirt.

Hunter finally tried on his clothes last weekend and his jeans...oh my lanta they are FABULOUS! He needed the adjustable waist, but he didn't disappear inside his jeans, like he normally does.

I did a happy dance, he walked away.

So, fast forward to last week when we are getting ready for Boo's slumber party. A friend called asking what size Boo was in, as she is LOVING clothes right now. She told me "I found this great store!". Guess what it was...

PS Aeropostale!

She got Boo this hoody, with the matching pants and fuzzy socks! Boo LOVES fuzzy socks.

Boo was in hog heaven.

And the pants...don't hardly need to be tightened with the draw string!

They do make clothes that fit my kids! I will be a huge shopper there now, for both of them!

And, here is another big thing...their prices (even after Christmas) are wonderful! They don't wait until the end of the season to put things on sale. New arrivals, on sale already. And by sale I mean SALE!

You can get their store e-mails, they are on facebook AND Twitter. They know how to reach their customers.

Hey, FCC man...I was not compensated in any way for this, I just LOVE the store! Kthxby

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FeliciaE said...

Thanks for the heads up I will have to see if we have one near here. Both of my girls are so petite it drive me mad trying to find stuff that is long enough in the leg but small enough in the waist.

And that hoody is adorable!

April said...

I wish we had that store in our malls! Looks like a good one for kids...and I have a skinny girl too.

Christine said...

My 12 year old daughter {skinny also} LOOOOVES that store! It's very "in" right now from what I understand ;-) It can be really difficult not only to find clothes that fit her, but that are appropriate for her age! So yeah, we heart this store too :)

Anonymous said...

My sister found this store too for Christmas and its perfect for my 8 year old DS. She loves the clothes and they fit well. I'm with you - I love the store and the prices are reasonable. Thanks for the facebook and twitter hint - didn't know they were there.

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I'm so excited to try it! Poor Michael can never find pants that fit him... too skinny!

JanMary said...

We are planning a trip to the US this summer, and I will definitely have to look for that store when we are there.

My daughters are extra skinny so they will love it I am sure.

(I used to be extra skinny too.....once.....a long, long time ago.......sniff!)

JanMary said...

Just been searching online to see if they have a kids store in the Boston/Cape Cod area - it appears not :(

Such The Spot said...

I wonder if we have one of those. My tween/teen are HUGE fans of Aeropostale. I'll have to check our local listings. Thanks for the tip!

Musings of a Housewife said...

I haven't heard of that! But I do have ultra skinny kids that have to wear slims, so I'd love to find another store that can accommodate them.