Sunday, January 17, 2010

Boo's First Slumber Party

Now, Boo has had tons of friends spend the night. She loves having kids in house, since most of the time she has "only child" stamped all over the place.

This past weekend we let her have an early slumber party for her birthday. Hubby was going to be out of town, his one request, and she missed a couple of her friends that don't go to school with her. She got to invite 6 girls, two from school and four not, and they could all spend the night.

Big Sis and Ma were over to help me decorate and clean. They also helped me with Koda, which is always a good time...

The girls started to arrive at 5:00, with the last one coming at 6:45 after hockey. They played with Boo's toys, Wii Sing It and screaming like crazy children. They were having a blast. We had pizza for dinner, they went through almost 3 frozen pizzas, and after we gave them each two cupcakes to decorate.

We had four colors of frosting and a ton of different kinds of sprinkles. They girls had a blast doing it! Plus, since they got to decorate them themselves it made them more fun to eat after we sang to Boo!

After eating cupcakes, scrubbing the table down and washing hands we let Boo open her presents. Lego's, DS Games, clothes were all a huge hit. This shirt was the winner it seems, she LOVES Star Wars the Clone Wars and is always talking like Yoda. It was fabulous, M really knows Boo.

We played Disney Channel Scene It after, and it took FOREVER because there were questions about shows I had never heard of, and ones that the girls never watched. They had fun, and every time I said "All Play" they squealed and ran for the tv. It was a long game, and by the time it was done it was almost 10!

We put in a movie, Big Sis popped some popcorn and the girls started to quiet down. Before the movie was half over we had one girl asleep, by the time it was done we had two. I put in Camp Rock next, and no more than 20 minutes into it Boo was asleep.

By 1 am, I had 4 girls still awake. I told them that if they couldn't be quiet and go to sleep I would split them up. It was time to go to bed, and I wasn't staying up all night. By 1:30 they were all out.

Two got up at 6.


But, I knew exactly which two would be up that early, and I was prepared for it. They are early risers no matter what time they go to bed. Just the way they are. I made them breakfast, they watched cartoons and played. By 8:30 I woke up two more who were leaving before everyone else. The rest of them rolled out by 9:30 when I made them get up.

The girls were all gone by 11, it was football time in our house (yes, I planned it that way).

It was a good time, and the girls had a blast. We, for the most part, were incident free all night long. There is always one child...

Boo was so excited to have this sleepover, so excited to be able to have more than one friend over for the night. She was exhausted, but said "I had the best early birthday party EVER!"!

I told Boo that next year, for her Golden Birthday she could have another one. I think I am asking for punishment...


Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

You are SO brave! I had a sleepover for Michael when he turned 8 and I told him that he couldn't do it again until he was 16!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun night! Happy Birthday to Boo!

love said...

so much fun! she'll probably remember forever. =)

Melody said...

We may invite a lot of kids but they never spend the night. You are much braver than I am.

darcie said...

So glad the party was a success and they stayed busy all night long!
Hurray for success stories!