Sunday, January 10, 2010

My heart breaks

He looked back, with eyes searching.

He saw me. He smiled.

He saw his Dad. He smiled.

He searched the family, looking for one person.

He can't find them, they are not there.

He waits his turn, throws the ball.

Searches as he walks back.

The eyes start to fall.

The shoulders start to sink.

The game begins, and it goes down fast.

His heart is not in it.

His mind is not in it.

He hurts and I can't fix it.


melissa said...

i'm so so sorry. i have a family member who flakes about EVERYTHING. and its starting to hurt my kids. and it sucks.

so so sorry.

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I'm sorry. The worst feeling is not being able to fix your child. And I bet that's what you're feeling right now. :-(

darcie said...

ugh. Nothing worse than seeing our kids hurting.
So very sorry.

Megan said...

My heart aches for him too - I see it in my inlaws and how it has affected my husband's relationship with them. Maybe in some strange way, you are all being protected from something and don't know it yet...

Paula Reece said...

Oh, this made my heart ache! He knows that you and his dad love him, but it's not always quite enough to a boy, is it? I'm sorry; I hope things get better!!

Bre said...

Why do you write things that make me want to use ski masks, rocks and bricks???