Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some Closure

I realized this week that I have left a TON of things open lately, so sorry. So in effort to close some thing out, I give you this post. lol

Boo's Foot:
Boo foot was NOT broken, but she did have two inflamed ligaments and a strained tendon. You could feel the heat coming off her foot. The surgical shoe wasn't needed, but she was ace wrapped for over a week, and was not allowed to participate in gym or regular recess. All is better now, with some slight discomfort only every once in a while.

Hubby's Grandma:
Being the over-achiever that Grandma is, she is already back in Iowa resting in a smaller hospital. She spent a total of 4 days in the big hospital when they deemed her well enough to not be a high risk patient. This woman is a rockstar!

The Bathroom:
We are slowly working on the bathroom. To get it framed in we used gift cards only, so now we are slowing down. Small steps! It should be done by the time I turn 80 or so! lol

Hunter's Mad Skills!:
I can't say enough about Hunter's Mad Skills right, I am still a bit in disbelief of how his day at the tournament went. He spent some time this morning focusing on what he wanted to happen today, and how he wanted to bowl. Warm-ups were good, he adjusted where he needed and read the lanes pretty well. His first game, 154. His second game, 158. His third game, Oh My Lanta, 188!! I was amazed and so very proud of him, still am. There is a good chance that he will once again make it to state, but we won't know for sure until after the 30th, and state is on the 9th or 10th. Good thing he is here that weekend!

The Sleep Clinic:
This is really a post within itself, but because we don't KNOW a ton, I will trim it down a bit. We spent almost two hours with the doctor for her appointment. He told me first off, that I was doing everything that I possibly could right (woohoo!) and that he wished all his patients parents filled out the forms as well as I had.

Right now we are working on the Quality of her sleep, and once we figure out why that is all goofy we will work on the Quantity of her sleep. He told me that every time she gets up during the night, it takes close to a hour to get back into good sleep. So, if Boo sleeps total 10 hours, but gets up three or four times she is really getting six or seven good hours of sleep. Not much for her. We are working to clear up a couple issues first, see if they impact her sleep at all and so far they have. She is still getting up, but some other "while sleep" issues are getting better. She still has a hard time going to sleep at night, but that will be worked on once this stuff is fixed.

She will have a sleep study, but not until February or so. They want to give her treatment now a chance to work before we go that route. After the sleep study, she will most likely pay a visit to ENT and Allergy as they both seem to play a part.

Did you know that they "grade" tonsils on a score of 0-4? Boo is at a 2, not bad but not great either. Also, did you know that bags under your eyes is NOT from lack of sleep but sinus and/or nasal congestion. Strange facts I learned at the sleep clinic!

I think that's it. I have to start getting this house ready for The Great Cookie Bake Off 2009! We are all gathering tomorrow to bake the day away, and I can't stinking wait!


Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

SO glad to hear about Boo's foot, and congrats to Hunter!!

Terra said...

I hope you keep posting abotu the sleep. How old is Boo? SHe and H have the same issues and I am so curious. H had her tonsils and adenoids removed - larged the Head Surgeon at Children's Hospital had ever seen...NO CHANGE in sleep except the snoring has stopped...