Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why I didn't get to meet Pioneer Woman

I was so hoping that once Boo got her cast off, we would be good for a while. Yeah, she has her sleep thing going on, but she has been injury free for over 3 months. Woohoo!

That has come to an end, and I am not impressed. Why? Because this one makes no sense whatsoever! I am still scratching my head, trying to see how it works.

Here's what happened. Last Saturday Boo was at her friends house for a few hours. It was her first time there, and I warned the mom that Boo has no fear and will try ANYTHING at least once. They jumped on the trampoline, played, and watched a movie. I honestly worried about her on the trampoline, even said "You watch America's Funniest Home Video's right? Don't do that!"

They were starting to play a dancing HSM game when it happened...

Boo was dancing around, and kicked the door to the entertainment center with the top left side of her left foot. She didn't hit a corner, just the bottom of the door. J, the mom, iced her foot and called me. Told me she was walking okay, had a slight limp but she wacked it pretty hard so we both figured that was why. She was running around later that night, and has for about 70% of the week so I didn't think anything of it.

Fast forward to Tuesday. She was headed to the doctor to follow up on the sleep issues and all the fun stuff that goes along with it. Her foot was still bugging her, still hurting after she got home from school and if she spent to much time walking around. I chocked it up to just being sore. Didn't think to bring it up to her doctor while we were there.

Now, Friday. Boo came home from school and complained to me over the phone that her foot hurt really bad, there were tears. I told her to ice it, lay on the couch and I would look at it when I got home. I didn't think any more of it the rest of the afternoon, or until about 6:30 pm when she complained about it again. We took off her sock, and there was swelling. No bruising or anything, and only a small portion was swollen, but swollen it was.

I knew that we would end up going in at some point over the weekend, but I hoped it would be Sunday over Saturday because The Pioneer Woman was at the Mall of America and I WANTED TO GO! I had been planning it for weeks, and didn't want to miss it. And really, let's fit these things into MY schedule why don't we!

But, Saturday came and the swelling was actually a bit worse. I asked her if she would be able to make it through bowling, because it is her sliding foot. She said she wanted to try, and I told her that she could stop at any point if it hurt to bad.

About half way through her second game she started complaining that it was really bugging her. She didn't want to stop though, so we let her keep going. One of her coaches (my old coach) came up to me at the end and asked me about Boo's foot. I guess she complained to him twice about her foot hurting, and this shocked me.

Boo will complain to me without a care, Hubby too. But someone that is not in the family, she will suck it up and not whine. She likes doing stuff, and is always afraid that they will tell her to stop. I guess Coach T told her she could stop, and she looked him like he was crazy. Yeah...she gets that from Hubby for sure.

I knew then that The Pioneer Woman would have to wait, and that I would NOT be heading out to meet a TON of bloggers that were waiting in line for the chance to sit by her for 2 minutes. I was bummed.

So, after lunch and after we made her pick up the dog poop in the yard we headed off to urgent care. Yes, we made her finish her chore, but we honestly did NOT think there was anything wrong with her foot. I thought going to the doctor would show that and she MOVE ON.

You have no idea how much I wish we hadn't had her do that.

So, at the clinic she was sent to X-ray after the doctor took a look at her. She said she was swollen, but no bruising (see!!) but wanted to make sure with a picture. Boo SKIPPED TO X-RAY and waited our turn. After, we went back to the room and waited. She kept asking what they x-ray would show as she JUMPED OFF THE EXAM TABLE over and over again.

The doctor comes in and says "Sooooo..." my head fell. That is NEVER good. Never! Every time something has been going on, it starts that way. She sits down and looks at Boo jumping all over the place (because I SWEAR she knows how to act in public) and shakes her head.

Here is what we found out, Boo has a possible Buckle Fracture of her left foot, involving not one but TWO bones. They say possible because these fractures HAVE to be confirmed by a Radiologist every time. So, right now they are calling it a buckle of two bones, meaning they have shifted a bit and that is what is causing the pain. The location of the bones is what is causing her the biggest problem, because her shoe hits right there.

The doctor said that the pain would come and go, which is WHY Boo could act like a crazy person. It would kill later from all the jumping around she was doing and we had the limit that.

I laughed out loud.

So, where does that leave us? In limbo until tomorrow morning at 9 am.

We are heading back to the doctor tomorrow (because three times in 6 days just ISN'T ENOUGH it seems.) for her to be fitted for either a Surgical Shoe or a Boot depending on what the radiologist report says tomorrow. If it is a fracture she will be booted for at least two weeks. If it is just a buckle without fracture she will have to wear the Surgical Shoe for at least a week and then wear some extra support for a week after that.

After we got home I had to call J, Boo's friend's mom. She was as shocked as I was. She had seen Boo at school that week running around like normal. Her daughter had told her that Boo said her foot still hurt, and she figured that it was just bruised. When I told her, it was silence on the phone. I had to laugh, because that was my same reaction. We told her that we didn't blame her, that it could have happened anywhere and Boo was just that talented.

We are setting up another play-date for very soon, at both houses.

What did we learn...

No clue yet...still thinking that one out.

Oh, and this afternoon while I was making her doctor appointment for tomorrow, she came outside and started JUMPING ROPE right in front of me. I about lost it. Ma was there, and I think she laughed a bit...but she hid it pretty well. Right now, she is crying over the pain that has hit HARD and that the ice and Motrin isn't helping.

Fun fun


everydayMOM said...

Oh MY! That is just crazy!

Sorry you had to miss Pioneer Woman! I guess she was in the Chicago area, too, and I missed her. =[

Megan said...

It's never ending! Praying for a quick recovery for Boo - and Mommy!

Hairline Fracture said...

Oh, man. So sorry this had to happen.

MN Penny Pincher said...

I sure hope that Boo is feeling better by now. I missed out on seeing Pioneer Woman at the MOA too and was just heartsick! Do you have her cookbook yet?

Thanks so much for being a visitor on my blog ...