Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving and then some

I could say that I am sorry I haven't been around...but that would be a lie.

So, I will tell you that I have been too busy, worn out, laughing too hard, sleeping too little and being with the family all week long.

It started with Hunter coming a day early. While this made my day, it threw a kink into my schedule. After begging the Grandparents to take him for the night, it was solved. Plus, my FIL had been going through Hunter withdrawls.

We spent Thursday among family, and it was wonderful. The siblings all stayed until later, we played games and tortured the children. It was the best thanksgiving yet!

Friday I was up at the crack of dawn to to go a few stores with Big Sis. We hit Target, Micheal's, Old Navy and Best Buy. Best Buy was a huge disappointment. They had no good movies on sale, and that is what I mainly hunt for on Black Friday. I did get Boo a new winter coat at Old Navy, her zipper is all jacked up on her current one. I got her this one in the Plum color (not listed for some strange reason). It was only $15! Such a deal.

I also got Hunter a hilarious graphic-t there, they have the best ones in my opinion (these crack me up the most). I wanted to get this one for me, but got this one for Hunter instead. I also debated getting this one for my sister in law too, it is totally her shirt (make sure you read the fine print at the bottom, too funny!)

Target is always my favorite. I don't mind the lines, it gave me an Big Sis some time to talk more. I got a ton of movies, and some fuzzy socks for Boo's stocking. Big Sis got what she was hunting for, and a couple other things too. The people at Target weren't as crazy as other places, but it was busy.

Micheal's I was in search for the $3.99 wreathe they had on sale. I got it, plus ribbon and mini ornaments. I didn't have a wreathe, never had a place to hang it. I knew I wanted to make the wreathe myself, so much cheaper that way. It was pretty easy to do, I will have to show pictures soon.

Friday we also got my new Christmas Tree. I have had a 3 1/2 foot tree since Hubby and I started living together (9 years ago) but with the new house I got to get a "normal" size tree, and we found the best one. I love it, it is pre-lit with multi-colored lights and has enough branches to look pretty full. I can't find a picture online, and I haven't take one yet so use your imagination! lol

Saturday we decorated the house, the outside lights were hung and had some family time. The boys played on the Wii while Boo and I made her Gingerbread House. Then had to fix her gingerbread house because someone, who shall remain nameless but has 4 legs and a tail, tried to EAT her gingerbread house. It is all fixed, just looks a bit like a shanty now!

Sunday was just us all day. We made cookie dough, decorated the tree and watched the Vikings go 10-1! It was a good day. A good Thanksgiving and a good weekend all together.


Megan said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I hope that you were able to relax some too...

Stuff Parents Need said...

Wow! I'm seriously impressed with everything you got done this weekend. Way to go!