Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What I Learned this Week - Turning 30 Edition

So...on Sunday I will turn 30.

My friends and family are having a field day with it. But to me it isn't a big deal. It's another birthday, and just in a different set of tens.

But, I thought I would do something fun, something that has been rolling around in my head for a while.

The 30 Things I Learned this Year!

1- House buying is stressful.
2- My daughter is such a good reader that they don't know what to give her for reading groups.
3- Hunter looks really good in a Mohawk!
4- Having a pre-teen is not all it's cracked up to be. Moody, Ornery and just plain difficult come to mind.
5- Finding friends on facebook is a good thing...and a bad.
6- Flowers in the Attic is a cheesy, creepy movie. But I can't turn it off.
7- I love love LOVE my DVR. I don't watch much in real time anymore. LOVE IT!
8- The hard work of going without, cutting corners and living way UNDER our means paid off.
9- Friends can't replace family, no matter what you think.
10- I will have back issue for many years, but it will be okay as long as I do what I am supposed to do.
11- An almost 2 year old's "pouty face" will crack me up every time.
12- That same face on a 7 year old...not so much
13- Having Hunter at our house for 2 months straight was wonderful and hard at the same time.
14- You will NEVER get as much help as you think you want, but getting things done on your own is wonderful too.
15- Nettles are a mean NASTY plant. Just saying.
16- Seeing New Kids on the Block TWICE this year was fabulous, but spending time with Lia was even better.
17- Twitter is addicting. VERY addicting.
18- Blogging can be a wonderful and awful thing at the same time. The no-blogging guilt is torture!
19- I have made so many new bloggy friends this year, it is fun to see how we all evolve.
20- NEVER talk Politics at work, ever. Especially when the company you work for will be affected by any form of health care reform. Just don't.
21- I don't talk Politics on the blog either, because I like my friends. And while some of us are mature enough, there are always people that aren't.
22- Letting go of things/people is hard, but the weight that is lifted is astronomical.
23- Knowing that no matter what, my family is there for me is something I struggled with. Now, I know it for sure.
24- I don't have to give in to please people, I can just be who I need to be.
25- I can't wait to plant Tulips. I LOVE tulips, and want them everywhere!!
26- Hubby and I can grown and can tomatoes, by ourselves. It is so gratifying!
27- They make waterproof casts, and I am VERY jealous that Boo got to have one. I never did...
28 - On a trip to the ER, I found that Boo is calm and rational patient. Her mom sits and reads her book, not worrying. I think that's from to much practice when I was growing up.
29- Having a puppy is one of the best things we have ever done. Koda is such a wonderful part of the family, even when he drives us nuts.
30- I still smile when I say MY HOUSE!! I have a hard time believing it even now. MY House!

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Hairline Fracture said...

Great post! I agree with so much, but especially #21!

Megan (mommyesquire) said...

Oh my goodness! You are a baby! Welcome to the 30-club. It's not so bad - I've been here for a year. I definitely consider you one of my new bloggy friends :)

The Mommy said...

30 isn't THAT bad!!
I can totally relate to your #1. I'm a former real estate broker turned SAHM and we had to sell and buy a house this year. When we bought our first house I was a real estate virgin. Buying and selling is stressful!!