Monday, September 21, 2009

Rest in Peace Ron

The weekend got away from me once again. So many things planned, and never enough time to get everything off my list.

But, I do only have three things left, so that isn't bad from a list of 24. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

One thing got taken off the list by default this morning.

Cleaning the fish tank.

Boo's fish died.

Ron, the Goldfish, was won last year at our local fair. Boo threw her ping-pong ball into his fish bowl, the rest is history.

It was gut wrenching to tell Boo about Ron this morning. I couldn't not tell her, but wished it wasn't first thing in the morning.

She was a mess.

She cried, she sat and stared at his fish tank and cried some more. We snuggled up, talked about Ron and how he was such a good fish. He had lasted longer than Kim (the other fish she won) and even survived a move. We talked about how she could get another fish in a while, we just had to wait.

I cried. I hate seeing my little girl in pain, hated seeing that look on her face. The instant my word registered with her, the moment she knew what I was wishing I could avoid telling her.

I hated having to tell her that HER fish was gone, that after how hard she had worked, never forgetting to feed him, he was no longer there. It tore me up inside.

Now, she is nervous about Koda having surgery tomorrow. I have that battle to deal with now.

After school, she crawled into my lap and told me she was still sad.

I am too Baby.

Memorial will be held tomorrow.


Becca - Our Crazy Boys said...

#1: We, too, had little tank animals (frogs) who were named Ron and Kim... How funny is that?

#2: Both met an untimely death when my youngest decided to "clean" their tank with Shout.

#3: There's NOTHING worse than watching your kids cry.

You are stronger then I am, because I would have high-tailed it to the fish store to find Ron's twin before she woke up. I'm a chicken like that.

Hairline Fracture said...

Oh, that's hard. We've never had a pet, but I remember from my childhood. You did a good job comforting her.