Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kids, Friends and more

My kidlets are home.

They actually came home on Friday, because Dad was done with hotels. I can't say that I blame him, since they moved around a lot during the week.

They saw so much, were able to do so much. By the time they got home they were exhausted, mentally and physically. We snuggled, talked and ate then popped in a movie and they laid on the couch for two hours straight.

We all slept until almost noon on Saturday.

It was fabulous.

Now, we are getting back into the swing of life. Only two weeks and three days until Hunter goes home.

I can't think about that though.

Today is an important day. The kids and I are attending a benefit this afternoon for a friend from high school. Her daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia in January, and her friends have put together today to raise money to defray the medical bills, she will be having Chemo until August 2010. .

We are off to the park, where there is a bake sale, silent auction and food. The kids will get to play, and I will get to see tons of friends from the old days. Plus, we are helping a friend. What is more important than that!

If you are from my home town and want to donate, let me know. I don't want to publish the info to protect privacy.

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