Monday, August 17, 2009

The Blue and Brown Swap - Reveal

I was so excited to be able to participate in Sarah and Melody’s Blue and Brown swap. I missed the last one, but knew I wanted to take part in this one, so I stalked Sarah’s blog just waiting. When the sign up came, I jumped at the chance.

We had to send a goodie box filled with brown and blue wonderfulness. We each filled out a survey for our partner: our likes, what we do and what our family is like. We also added anything we thought would be important for our partner to know.

I was paired up with Miranda of Our Journey, another great blog by the way! She is from Kansas, I am loving reading her blog.

When I got my box, I squealed! I was so excited to see what she had sent for me, and I was not disappointed.

I am loving the stickers, paper packs and buttons! They are great for my scrapbook, especially Koda's pages.
Oreo's...and a chocolate bar. HEAVEN IN A BOX! I was doing a little happy dance, I am not ashamed to say.
Plus, a candle and a holder PLUS the fabulous blue basket that will be going into Boo's room shortly.
Thank you Miranda! You hit me dead on the nail!
Head on over to Blue Castle for more Blue and Brown Swap stories.


Organizing Mommy said...

Nice stuff! I had a great time participating also.

BlueCastle said...

Very nice box! So glad you joined the swap and that you had such a good time. :)