Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What I Learned this week

What did I learn this week...not much really. Some simple things I guess...

I like having people over, no matter what the occasion I love having people in my house. MY HOUSE! Woohoo!!!

Working so hard for so long is paying off. We are getting to a place that I love being, one where we don't stress anywhere near as much.

Rudeness annoys me.

My Dad is stubborn.

Boo makes me laugh even when I feel like my head has left my body in pain.

Having your air conditioner break at the beginning of a warm snap is not good, especially when it will take a week for them to get to our house to fix it.

My husband is a saint for putting up with everything he does.

I think my baby fever might hit epic proportions this afternoon. A co-worker is bringing in her 3 week old. I can feel things contracting already...

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JanMary said...

I am with you on lots of those, expect maybe the baby fever!

Wendy said...

Okay, just the mention of baby fever gives me baby fever. Drat my age!

jen@odbt said...

Great lessons. Don't you love how kids can make us smile even when we really don't want to?