Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Monday

I really don't have much today. The weekend was busy, but wonderful. Friday night was spent running errands and having dinner just us. It was nice.

Saturday we visited my Dad is the hospital. He is home now, no worries. He loves bugging Boo...

"Boo...want a cookie" "Grraaannnddddpppaaaa...I am resting. Stop it".

The entire conversation played out multiple times. Hilarious!

Saturday afternoon we spent our first day by the pool. My BIL and SIL have a pool for just a couple more weeks, so we wanted to get some time in before they moved. Boo spent almost 5 hours in the pool, and she was the only one in for most of the day. She got out to eat, and went right back in. I had to make her get out when her lips turned purple.

Yesterday was spent in the yard. We got some clean up done, Boo picking up 205 sticks (worth $2.05). We transplanted some Hostas, and started regrowing some plants that I almost killed off. I shouldn't have plants...just saying. Thankfully, Ma was there to show me the way to bring them back, cutting everything off and starting over again.

Mikayla was over last night, so we were outside most of the time. She loves the swing we have in the back yard, and even got to play with some chalk with Boo. She was covered, but loved it.

See, not much. Tired, but happy. Kissed by the sun but not to much.

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