Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What I Learned this Week - the catch up edition

It is time for What I Learned this Week, hosted by Musings of a Housewife. I have been absent for the past couple weeks, so this is catch-up!

- Moving is hard, no matter how prepared you are. No matter how well planned out things are, things will go wrong and you have to go with the flow.

- Koda is a great puppy, biting and all. He is a snuggler, a lover and always wanting to be around Hubby. I sometimes doubt that he likes me. Hubby leaves the room, and at times he FREAKS. He whines and searches him out, and then all is right with his doggy world again.

- I am exhausted, yes I just realized this. Even after a weekend at the cabin, I could sleep for hours lately. Not sure if that is normal...

- Seeing pain in your child's eyes is the worst feeling in the world.

- Being strong enough to take that child's pain and turn it around is something only a parent can do, and while it is not an easy thing it does get better.

- Boo is the only kid I know that is excited to show the kids in her class the hole in her leg from the Wood Tick that just wouldn't get it's head out. Thanks to Urgent Care, numbing cream and 4 different tools we got it out.

- No matter how old I get, I still get nervous when I have to talk to the Principal...anyone else?

That's all for this week, next week there will be tons more. We are spending the weekend working on the house.

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Hairline Fracture said...

I was reading along just fine until I got to the part about the wood tick. *shudder*

I'm glad it's out. And I agree with you about only parents being able to help kids deal with pain. It's hard, but an important part of our "job."

JanMary said...


Many of the lessons learned seem to be about bugs this week. We don't have wood ticks in Ireland - for which I am happy :)

The Real Me! said...

Ugh! TICKS! NO!!!! That is one reason I don't want to move to the country! LOL. I have never seen a tick here. Thank goodness. Spiders on the other hand we have too many. I hate spiders! And I agree, moving is never fun no matter what.

Musings of a Housewife said...

A wood tick that wouldn't get his head out? OMG. ::shudder::

Megan said...

Tick? Ick! Ick! Ick! I can tolerate most things - bugs I cannot tolerate.

Julie From Inmates said...

A wood tick? YUCK!

Lori said...

Wowza - that wood tick incident does sound frightening! Good job for getting thru it, Mom! And thanks for stopping by my blog! Take care.