Monday, May 25, 2009

Boy Meets Dog

Not only was this weekend the time that Hunter was going to meet Koda for the first time, it was also the first time he was going to be inside the new house. He loved the house, all the space and his cool hockey themed room.

We led Hunter on a tour of the house, showing him everything that he would need to see. Then, I went into our bedroom and shut the door. Hubby led him in, and there was Koda sleeping on the floor.

Hunter wasn't sure what he was supposed to be looking at, but when he finally saw him the first words were "Who's dog is this little guy".

When we told him he was ours, a big grin spread across his face, and he fell to the floor. Koda of course climbed into his lap and got some post-nap lovin. Both were in hog heaven. (Yes, the teething puppy is gnawing on Hunter's hand in this is what he does)

The entire ride to the cabin Hunter repeated over and over again "I can't believe we got a dog...I can't believe we got a dog. I can't believe you kept it a secret (meaning me)". It made my week to make this kid happy.


Julie From Inmates said...

Yeah, Hunter... how exciting =) Enjoy your puppy!

Terra said...

FABULOUS! I am SO HAPPY he is SO happy! I just love it!