Friday, May 29, 2009

The Shoe Tree

After yesterdays You Capture, everyone was asking about the Shoe Tree.

We aim to please...or at FritzFacts, so Shoe Tree you get.

The Shoe Tree is actually about 4 trees up at the cabin that residents have thrown, hung and even nailed their old out-grown, grungy old shoes too. I have been going up there for 9 years, and it grew from one tree to 4 (maybe 5) in that time.

Each year the kids ask, beg really, to throw their old shoes up there but I have always resisted. Their shoes may be beat up, but someone else would be able to wear them so we normally donate them.

Last year Labor Day Weekend I finally caved in.

The kids brought their old-nasty-funky- to-gross shoes up north and we threw them on.

Hunter was able to get pretty good air, and his wrapped around a branch on the first try. Again, Hunter has Mad Skills.

Boo's however, took some work. After a few (many) tries, Hubby finally picked her up and she placed hers on a branch. It was just plain easier for her that way.

Now, when we drive by, the kids want to stop and see if their shoes are still there. I think this year we will bring another pair up for them to throw Labor Day Weekend, both of them have a pair or two that I wouldn't make my worst enemy wear.


Terra said...

That is funny! We had an ammusement park that had a GUM TREE- that was NASTY

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

That is hilarious! I totally want to go visit it and throw my shoes up there too. Thanks for making me smile today.