Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mad Skills!

From time to time I talk about the kids and their bowling league. This is something that both kids love, both the sport and the friends they have there. My old coach is their coach now, and he loves telling them embarrassing stories about me. I love Don, really I do. He just knows WAY to much about me.

Anyway...after shopping with Hunter yesterday, and the amazing day we were having, I decided to head to the bowling alley to talk to Don about the problems that Hunter has been having at bowling lately.

Hunter has been over-throwing the ball. All that means is that his brute strength is to much for his measly 10 pound ball. He is throwing the ball so hard, that it isn't doing what it needs to do, there isn't time before it hits the pins. Hunter has been very frustrated the past few weeks, and I wanted to see what we could do about it.

Don agreed that Hunter needed a new bowling ball, he moved him up to a 12 pound ball (a huge jump for a 11 year old). Not only that, but he is converting him to Finger Tip grips. This is a bit more advanced than what Hunter is doing right now, but once he gets a hold of it will allow him more control and a better curve shot. I was about 15 when Don converted me, and Big Sis was about the same.

I remember when I converted to finger tips, it was bad...really bad. I struggled for weeks trying to the line up right, hitting the right boards and willing the stinking ball into the pocket. And trust me, Don remembers too (he made sure to tell Hunter all about it).

So this morning we headed off to bowling, Hunter as nervous as I was. He expressed his worry, and we figured it all out. I reminded him that practice is what will make him better, and it won't happen over night.

Could I have been more wrong??

We got there, got his new ball and he went down to practice. Don was down there watching him, giving him the low-down of what he needed to too. I talked to the other coach, and told him I was nervous for Hunter. Guess what he said..

"Don't worry, Hunter has MAD SKILLS."

Yes he does.

After a little struggle in the first couple frames, Hunter hit his groove. He shot above average all three games, and hit a new high game with a 139. And his high game was after he cracked his shin on the step, causing a major bruise and a lot of pain. But being the rock star that he is, Hunter pushed through it and nailed the game.

I guess my worry was for nothing. Don was there whenever Hunter struggled, giving him tips and keeping his attitude up. He only had 3 frames between all three games that had less than an 7 pin count. That in itself is pretty good.

I am so proud of Hunter. He worked past his nerves and was amazing.

Hunter has MAD SKILLS!

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Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

Isn't it funny how we use our time worrying for our kids and then they prove our worrying for nothing. I'm glad that it all worked out for Hunter!!