Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This major day

I have not been able to watch any of the footage from the inauguration ceremonies yet today. Sort of by choice, sort of not.

While many people took the time to go downstairs to our cafeteria to watch the swearing in and President Obama's speech, I had projects due. I had reports to get out, and files to find. I knew what a hectic day this would be, with so many away from their desks, but I don't think I realized the full scope of what I would be dealing with.

I can't wait to go home and watch the news, go online and talk to my friends. I can't wait to listen to his speech, hear of change and our one nation. I hated having to work today of all days, but I didn't think to take it off either. This day is a day that I would have justified PTO.

Tonight I will sit with Boo, and watch President Obama being sworn in. We will listen to his speech, and watch parts of the Inauguration Parade. We will sit and talk about what is important, and how this will change our country.

She got to watch the ceremony at school today, and is bubbling up wanting to talk about it. I can't wait to talk to her, and hear her wonderful care free thoughts.

Oh, I found some great inauguration facts...

-Coldest Inauguration Day:
*March Ceremony: March 4, 18763 Ulysses S. Grant 16 above zero *January Ceremony: January 21, 1985 Ronald Reagan 7 above zero.
-First Inauguration in Washington DC: Thomas Jefferson (it was held in Philadelphia before that)
-Longest Inauguration speech: William H Harrison - 8,445 words, almost 90 minutes (he died one month later, from pneumonia) March 4, 1841
-First Vice President to be sworn in as President: John Tyler (see above) April 6, 1841
-First Inauguration covered on telegraph: James Polk, March 4, 1945
-First President to arrive in an automobile: Warren Harding
March 4, 1921
-First January Inauguration: January 20, 1967 Franklin D Roosevelt
-First ceremony shown on the Internet: Bill Clinton January 20, 1997

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