Saturday, April 11, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried!

Boo has some strange sleep habits.

She loves to read in bed, long after she is supposed to be asleep. She will play with her Littlest Petshop or Polly Pockets when she should be sleeping too.

Thursday night Boo and Hunter had a camp-out in Hunter's room. They built a fort and slept under the canopy they made. Mikayla was sleeping over, so either one of them shared a room with her, or they camped out.

Like I had to force them...yeah right.

So when we got home last night the kids knew it was bed time right away. I was off to Shred, and they were getting ready to go to sleep. I didn't think about the fort, or the fact that Boo's bedding was in Hunter's room from last night.

I asked Hubby if Boo was sleeping in the fort, or if she was sleeping in her bed. He thought her bed, but wasn't worried about it. I was for one reason only...she would be sharing her bed with a boy!

I guess I should be glad there are a line of books in between them!


Mrs. Schmitty said...

I knew that Zac Efron was a shady character!

Love the picture!!!

AmyG said...

Ha! That's hilarious!

McMommy said...

HA!!! Well, the book barricade must make you feel better, right?? :)

Anonymous said...

LMAO They start so young nowadays.