Monday, April 13, 2009

17 Again

Thanks to a great fellow-bowling Mom, we scored tickets to the preview screening of 17 Again in our area. Big Sis came along, and we didn't tell Boo where we were going.

Yes it's a school night, but celebrity crush...come on now...

Zac Efronstars in this movie along with Michelle Trachtenberg, Matthew Perry, Leslie Mann and Thomas Lennon.

Zac Efron plays young Mike O'Donnell, a high school basketball star who gives it all away for his future family. He marries Scarlett (Leslie Mann), and the life soon looses is luster. Matthew Perry plays the adult Mike.

During a rain storm, he somehow becomes the young Mike again (Zac Efron). He sees this as a chance to do things differently and make changes to what was. He soon realizes that basketball was not what he needed to change, but his children and the ending relationship with his wife should be his focus.

Only problem, he is in the body of the 17 year old.

The movie was good, but predictable. It followed the path we all knew it would, but it added humor and teenage attitude. Zac Efron gets himself into some interesting situations as young Mike, but (of course) finds his way out.

This movie is rated PG-13, some adult language and (this cracks me up) "Teenage Partying". This is one that we will see again when it comes out on video.

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