Friday, March 20, 2009

Today is the day

I am getting Hunter ready for an event he is dreading, and I feel bad.

This morning, in less than one hour, he will be getting his braces put on.

I promised him no pictures.

I promised him that I wouldn't laugh at him.

I promised that he could have ice cream when we get home, even though it will be 9 am.

I never had braces, but I am feeling his pain.

Another sign of Hunter getting older...I don't like it.

Think happy thoughts that Hunter's mouth isn't too sore and this his cheeks don't get too torn up.


Anonymous said...

I hope it all went ok today. Alex has had his on for almost a year now and I hope they come off soon!!! Just remember the tylenol - and when he goes for his visits, you can give it to him before you go. Kind of a preemptive strike against the soreness.

Chris said...

I hope everything went well. Maybe you should post pictures so we can all tell him how great he looks. =D