Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Reward has been decided!

A decision has been made, and there is a very excited little girl in bed right now.

First off, we are doing reward tomorrow night since we are looking at (more freakin) houses on Saturday now. This caused the decision to be made sooner, but Boo was fine with that.

The majority vote went to doing a combo of two rewards.


So, first we will be heading to Underwater Adventures to take in the aquarium. We love going there, and never seem to spend enough time. Plus, Boo has never been there without her brother and that is very exciting for her.

She did ask if she could bring a friend. I took that to mean I could too.

Of course.

So our friends Malia and her son Kai are coming with us. We are all very excited to see the fish and the new Seahorse exhibit.

After that we will be going to Lego Land to purchase a SMALL Lego set. And I do mean small, because Hubby just might have a freak attack if she came home with a large one.

Boo sure loves her Lego's though, and so does Kai, it is perfect.

Plus, if the planets align and all goes right I might get to squeeze a meet-up with a fellow blogger at some point (please align...please please please).

Tomorrow is a big day, so I better head to bed. Thanks for your help in making the decision!!

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Chris said...

Please align. Please align!!

Seahorses? Really? That's super cool.