Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spinning around and around

Today is one of those days.

You know the days I am talking about.

Three hours of sleep, a normal 7 year old who doesn't want to wear a sweatshirt/brush her hair/put on a belt/ do anything her mother needs her to do and a just plain rough morning together.

There have been so many things going on that I am stressed to my breaking point. I haven't been sleeping well for a couple weeks, but last night was the worst of all nights so far. Thankfully tonight Mikayla is sleeping over, so that means I will go to bed when she does. Early bed times are wonderful.

I need to focus on the goals ahead. I need to work to get my house back in order, since that is another stress that won't quit. I want to start packing up stuff, but must resist until we find out where we are moving too (and when!).

I need to spend the one-on-one time with Boo that she is craving. I need to focus on her successes, celebrate her achievements (and there have been a ton lately). She deserves to have her talents and gift pushed into the forefront, and that is something I am working on this coming weekend.

I crave the time with Hubby that has been spent in other places lately. We have had passing conversations while making dinner, walking out the door and in the few minutes we have snatched for each other. It is never enough.

I wish things would slow down, calm down and just plain stop. So much going on in all of our lives, and never enough time to do it all.

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pjmomof3boys said...

Kellyn, I am totally with you! This is pretty much how I feel 24/7/365! I'm not doing enough or not prioritizing or not doing things RIGHT...I think part of it is just being a woman, and then being a MOM, and then being a MOM who also works outside the home. It's a sure recipe for guilt and feelings of overwhelm...Hang in there, and know that you're doing an awesome job with your kids and your husband and your job. You are always your worst critic, you know that. And you are not alone, girl!