Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And the teeth stuff keeps on coming!

Almost two weeks ago, Hunter had his two teeth pulled. It created a HUGE gap, since he had also lost two other teeth right next to the pulled teeth.

He says eating hasn't been to bad, he just has to be careful. Poor kid, he is already so skinny. He doesn't need anything to stop the eating.

Friday, he gets his Spacers. The Orthodontists says these don't hurt, but do they?? A mom knows these things, and the Ortho doesn't always know what it feels like.

So, after spacers we get the braces...oh joy.

Next Friday morning Hunter and I will be off to get his braces put on, and he will then spend the rest of the day low key with his Dad. He'll be sore, and not want to eat anything hard at all.

I must say that this is foreign soil to me. I never had braces, only a retainer when I was little. Big Sis had braces, so will be leaning on her for advise. Hunter's Step-Sister also did, so he knows some of what is coming.

Any good food ideas for Hunter? Something soft with lots of fat and protein...the kids is a twig! I will stock up on yogurt and jello (he would live on that if we let him) but he needs more.


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Fawn said...

How about creamed soups? Broth, some veggies, some heavy cream and butter if you want really want to up the fat, something like chickpeas for protein and whir it all down with an immersion blender. I've had some really yummy bean soups, too, and they're extra tasty with dollops of plain yogurt or sour cream in the middle.

Scrambled eggs (add some milk to the beaten eggs to make them softer when they're cooked) and fried mashed potatoes (or just mashed potatoes, but it's extra yummy when it's fried in butter -- we do that with leftovers for breakfast sometimes.)

Applesauce makes a good easy-to-eat fruit dish (and that's very yummy with some whipped cream in the middle, too!)

Hmmm, let's see, sweet potatoes mash up well as regular and have more lovely nutrients. You can also mash turnips and carrots together. Someone recently brought us mashed potatoes with pureed spinach mixed into them and that was pretty tasty.

Shall I go on? :) I had braces and in my experience the soreness only lasted a few days at most, so it's not a terrible worry if he doesn't he perfectly balanced meals for that short time! But I do remember that even food you would normally think of as soft (like sausages, for example) would have required more chewing than I wanted to do.