Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What I learned this week

This is going to be short and sweet. The couch is calling my name. I finally got the stomach bug that Boo has had not once, but twice this month. Not a good time for any of us.

This week I learned many important lessons. Some are no brainers, some I was surprised by.

- I have some of the greatest friends. Not only do I value their friendship, but I value their children as well. I got Baby Time twice this weekend, and it was the highlight of the weekend!
- Said friends will also see a movie with me that we have both already seen, but want to see again. This is a huge deal, not many would do that...give into my latest obsession.
- If you put something heavy on your keyboard tray, it will break. The tray will hang at a strange angle whenever you need to type, and you will be on the hunt for a new desk (any ideas?)
- I am not as immune to the stomach bug as I had thought, or hoped. It is a not a good time.
- Boo is the most kind hearted child I have ever met. She spent most of yesterday afternoon playing quietly on the computer letting me sleep on the couch. She even came over to check my temp a few times.
- My hubby is a wonderful man. Even though he jokes about splitting me and Boo up so the sickness will stop, he is there taking care of me. What I wouldn't do without him.

That is what I learned this week. Head on over to Musings of a Housewife to see what everyone else learned.


K-Mom said...

You have a very blessed life...despite your wonky keyboard tray! ;0)

Musings of a Housewife said...

You are blessed, keyboard tray, flu and all. Feel better!!!

Shannon (muzbeecrazy.com) said...

Hope you feel better soon! We're down and out right now with colds and ear infections. What movie are you going to see again?

girlymama said...

oh, our weeks were too similiar! so sorry you were bugged!

(what movie did you go see twice?)