Monday, February 02, 2009

7 years ago, this was my due date.

I hoped and begged that Boo come ON her due date.

Seriously, does that ever happen to anyone? Anyone?

Boo would have had the coolest birthday ever if she had come on her due date: February 2, 2002 or 2-2-02.

That would have been crazy cool.

But no, she was late.

A week late.

I was not a fan.

So 7 years ago today, I was still waiting. And I was not patient either.

Hubby was rubbing my maddening twitchy feet, and buying oranges by the pound.

Everyone at my office was walking on egg shells around me, afraid the scary lady would come out.

I was still healing from a minor medical emergency that almost brought Boo early.

A week late isn't that bad, but to me it was forever.


girlymama said...

my girl was born on 2-22. i remember pushing around 2:20 and my husband telling me "hurry up and she'll be born at 2:22 on 2/22!!"
if looks could kill, he would have been TOAST! (because i was actually trying to make this last longer!) she was born at 3:38 ;-)

Anonymous said...

Omigosh! I can't believe Boo is turning 7. Don't our kids read the rules?

Also, kids have no respect for dates at all. Would it have killed Cub to have been born on 12-2-02?

Melody said...

That would have been an awesome birthday, so easy to remember.

My kids did that too. AD was born 01/07/05 and I was hoping for 01/05/05. C was born 06/02/01 and, of course, I wanted 06/01/01.

Just another example of how my kids never do what I ask. :)

K-Mom said...

Miss P was born on her due date, but with the help of a C-Section. The only thing I really remember about the date was that we had been in a drought all summer with hardly a drop of rain.

But immediately following Miss Priss's birth, a thunderstorm blew in and the power went out as I was lying on the operating table with my parts strung everywhere and my doctor standing over me with a scalpel!