Sunday, February 15, 2009

The record breaking day

Yesterday was a huge day for my kids. HUGE!!!

Not only were they exhausted from their birthday party, but they both had record breaking days at bowling

Did you read that...RECORD BREAKING DAYS!

I have never held my breathe so much ever.

Both kids have been working hard at bowling. After qualifying for an up-coming tournament Hunter especially has been even more focused, for the most part.

Let's start with him. The first game was rough, about 20 pins below average. We figured pure exhaustion from the night before and goofing around with a team mate was the blame, but he pushed past it.

The second game, a 155! That is 48 pins above average. But the third game was even better. He didn't have an open frame (a frame without a spare or a strike) until the 7th frame. That is huge. He was on track to throw a 180 or so, but I think I jinxed it. I came over to watch and he got open frames. My bad.

But, he shot a 156! 49 pins over average. I about passed out. One game that huge is one thing, but two in a row was amazing to watch. He is geared up for that tournament next month.

Now Boo. This little girl has been working so hard. She listens to her coaches, tries really hard but still has a blast each week. She is on a team with three older girls, and they have embraced her with such openness.

Boo has been working towards her first 100 game all season long. She even had a 99 close as you can get to 100. She wants it so bad, and gets a little frustrated when she doesn't get it.

Well yesterday that all changed. Again, it might have been the pure exhaustion, but my little girl got a 102...TWICE! I screamed a little, ok a lot. She was so excited, jumping around and running to get her score print out each time. Boo shot about 106 pins over average with both games plus her rough first game.

She couldn't wait to tell Grammy, and anyone else that would listen. I am so proud of my kids. They have worked so hard, and come so far this year. I can't wait to see what they do next!

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