Monday, February 16, 2009

It's their birthday...have a party

I love making a big deal out of my kids' birthdays. It is the day they were born, they day I met them (or pretty close). Having birthdays two days apart was not how it was suppose to be, but Boo is just plain stubborn. It does make it easier for party planning though, and that is key.

This year we had a room at a local hotel. We love doing birthdays at a hotel, especially since their birthdays are in February (It can be so cold in February, gotta love Minnesota). The kids love to swim, and spent about 6 hours in the pool on Friday night. We had to almost drag them out to eat and open presents.

I always worry we don't have enough food, to the point that I won't eat until everyone else has. I am a bit OCD about my guest being fed and happy, it is a good thing I guess.

After we ate I wanted the kids to do gifts and cake, otherwise I don't know if they ever would have come out of the pool, purple lips and all.

Big Sis got Hunter this shirt. I love the Old Navy graphic tee's, and he had this one a couple years ago. He loved it! I did a happy dance when I saw it at the store last weekend, and Big Sis loved it too (plus, the kids and baby sales ends on 2/19, and the deals are amazing.). Boo got him a shirt that says "They'll Make a Movie About me Someday", it cracks me up.

There were books, movies and clothes galore. Boo got some much needed jammies, and a robe that matches her Camp Rock ones. But, there were two HUGE gifts this year, one that was needed and one for fun.

The needed, new bikes. Badly. Both kids had growth spurts this past year, and it was really funny watching them ride their bikes by the time the snow flew. Hunter got a Tony Hawk bike, and Boo got a pink BMX bike.

The fun one had the best reactions of the night, besides Boo's pink golf balls. Both kids got to play Guitar Hero over Christmas, and are addicted. Hunter begged for it, and I told him to save his penny's. But, I also told Hubby's parents that this would be a great group gift if anyone wanted to. They did. Hubby's parents, Brother and Aunt all went in and got the kids Guitar Hero.

This one wins the prize as the best picture. Look at Hunter's cracks me up every time I look at this picture.

All in all, a great birthday. I am still getting hugs from the kids three days later. Guitar Hero has barely been put down, and right now the kids are in the garage staring at their new bikes. Books are being read, and crafts have already started. It will be a fun filled few weeks of trying everything new.

Major thanks to my Mom and Big Sis. They are always such a huge help during the CRAZY birthday season. I don't know if I would have gotten it done without them.

And Hubby, and I love it when he takes charge and just tells me to go sit down and let him handle something. Wonder if that will still happen when Boo has her first slumber party sleepover...somehow I doubt that.


Chris said...

OMG LMAO!!! I LOVE that last picture! His face turned almost the same color as his hair!

Shannon ( said...

I not sure he really likes Guitar Hero!! :-) Sounds like a great time! It will be nice when Spring rolls around and they can get on their new bikes!

Christy M. said...

Hunter's face is PRICELESS. Love that shot!

Sounds like both of them had a fabulous birthday party, blue lips and all :)