Saturday, February 07, 2009

The first day

Today was a first. Well, a first since I was like 7. Hubby, Boo and I spent a majority of the afternoon looking at things like this

Oh, and this.

Can I tell you have wonderful a built in hutch is! I never knew it before today, but it is lovely.

We looked at two houses today. One was a instant NO and the other has major possibilities. We also drove around with our realtor guy and looked at what else was out there in our area and price range.

Tomorrow I am going to an Open House with Big Sis. This is a great way to get ideas and see what else is out there. Plus, I am addicted is fun to look at these houses and imagine what you will do with them.

Did I mention that I still and terrified, and felt a bit like vomiting this morning. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

It is scary. But also so exciting. I'm so glad for you. You're like almost a real life grown-up now!

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

Definitely a scary time, but oh so exciting too. I'm hoping the housing market around here will turn soon so we can move closer to my school. I love looking at houses and dreaming of the possibilities and marking some quickly off the nightmare list. Have fun and enjoy the time. Everything will work out!!

Melody said...

How exciting. I wish we had looked at more houses when we bought ours. I hope you find your perfect home.

K-Mom said...

I LOVE looking at houses! Hubby and I have found that you know within the first five minutes if it's the house for you or not...kind of like finding your wedding dress. When you know, you know!

Good luck with your house hunt!