Thursday, February 05, 2009

A couple weeks ago Hubby had his twice-yearly "Man Weekend". In the summer they go to his friends then cabin/now home and in the winter they go up north to go ice fishing.

On the ice.

In the middle of the lake.

In a house.

The size of our house...well our living room at least.
That's JT...everyone say Hi!
This year there were 6 of them, and they had I think a 18 hole house. Each person can have two lines down, then they shut up the last four avoid past the phone going down the hole or the keys (I am so serious on those by the way. I had a great conversation with a Walleye once.).
They play cards, burp and drink whatever their hearts desire. Oh, and maybe catch a fish or two. They go the bar, but plan and eat everything at the ice house. My hubby knows how to save some money!
I used to go on these ice fishing trips...long ago. Long LONG AGO. A couple of months after we started dating Hubby asked me to go ice fishing, and I agreed to the shock of my parents. It was a blast. We played games, fished and were close enough to the local Casino that we went and won some money.
But you couldn't pay me enough to go now...not with all the boys. Hubby can have his man weekends, we will take the kids on the local lakes.


Chris said...

Hi JT *waves*

I always wanted to go ice fishing but I'm all sorts of freaked out about being ON ice.

Happy to see that you're feeling well enough to post today. Good drugs huh??

♥ spoiled mommy ♥ said...

Id def. be saying gooooo and then looking forward to my "girls" weekend!! hahaha!